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When legal advice is needed . . .

When it’s expert legal advice that’s needed . . . we - and our landlords - have access to the best!

Proud Member of the Rental Retainer ClubIt’s like having an expert rental property attorney on call, or part or our team . . . 

  • our rental agents are empowered to get the best expert rental property law advice/guidance by email direct from Marlon Shevelew, one of the country’s top rental property attorneys.
  • our residential lease agreement has also been prepared in association with Marlon Shevelew & Associates Inc. to best protect the interests of our landlord clients, while ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.
  • our rental agents all receive an exclusive monthly newsletter packed with Q&A’s, latest law and practical information from recent relevant court cases.

In addition, should the need arise for any of our landlords to issue summons for rental arrears or damages, or have to apply for eviction, Marlon’s services are available to them at a discounted price. 

Our membership of the Rental Retainer Club gives our landlords peace of mind that we, and they, always have an expert property law attorney on their side when it’s needed most. Please add your content here.



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